Is Alpha Arbutin Safe for the Skin? Read to Know

Discoloration and age spots are some common skin issues faced once you reach your late twenties or early thirties. At this point, generally, people start looking for skincare products with ingredients that are proven to be great skin brighteners. Allow us to introduce you to one such hidden gem known for its spot-fading and skin-brightening properties – Alpha Arbutin.

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So, what is Alpha Arbutin? 

Arbutin is a plant-based ingredient and is found in sources like Bearberry, Cranberry, and Mulberry. This hero ingredient prevents the production of skin color creating pigment melanin. When Arbutin is synthesized chemically it is known as Alpha Arbutin. 

Alpha Arbutin is used as a skin-brightening agent, to treat scars, pigmentation, and sunspots. This ingredient has the potential to protect your skin from sun damage as it has anti-oxidant properties. 

Arbutin is derived from Hydroquinone and is essentially a Glycoside. Hydroquinone is the most effective skin brightening agent but has the potential to cause permanent skin damage if used without professional consultancy. Alpha Arbutin is a safe and effective alternative to Hydroquinone and has no harsh long-term side effects.  

Now, let’s understand the working of Alpha Arbutin 

The skin tone is determined by the amount of Melanin present on the skin, which means the more melanin, the darker the skin tone will be. Other than providing the skin tone, melanin protects the skin against the sun’s harmful rays but excessive exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation. 

Alpha Arbutin inhibits an enzyme present within the melanocytes called tyrosinase. Melanocytes regulate the production of melanin. In short, less tyrosinase means less discoloration and pigmentation. Alpha Arbutin is water-soluble which makes it fast absorbing to the skin, more effective, and safe. 

Benefits of adding Alpha Arbutin to your daily skincare routine

  • Pigmentation Reduction 

Alpha Arbutin has a water-soluble compound that helps in fading away hyperpigmentation and dark spots without irritation. It helps in reducing the visibility of sunspots and also helps in preventing them. Generally, hyperpigmentation takes time to heal completely therefore, you need to give 8-12 weeks to Alpha Arbutin to see significant results. 

  • Treats melasma 

Melasma is a common skin issue faced by pregnant women where brown patches are formed on the face due to hormonal changes. Alpha Arbutin helps reduce the intensity of those brown patches.  But it is always advisable for the pregnant woman to consult a doctor before applying Alpha Arbutin. 

  • Brightening of the skin 

Alpha Arbutin is a safe ingredient and targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation to reveal your youthful skin. It doesn’t permanently bleach the skin but slows down the melanin production to brighten your skin tone. 

  • Skin tone improvement 

Alpha Arbutin is safe for all skin types as it doesn’t affect skin color. It only evens the skin complexion and brightens the darker spots of the skin caused by sun damage or hyperpigmentation. This results in a younger and natural skin tone. 

  • Gentle on the skin

Alpha Arbutin is less irritating and gentle on the skin. The ideal concentration for no harsh side effects is up to 2%. Its mild nature makes it the best alternative for sensitive skin types. 

What skin type should use it?

Alpha Arbutin is gentle on the skin and it suits all skin types and tones. This hero ingredient is an effective solution to all kinds of skin discoloration problems such as sun damage, acne scars, melasma, or blotchy skin tone. 

  • Sensitive skin 

For sensitive skin types, Alpha Arbutin is a comparatively better solution than other skin brighteners like glycolic acid and retinol. 

  • Dry skin 

For dry skin types, alpha arbutin is the best skin-brightening solution as it protects and provides nourishment to the skin. It doesn’t dry out or irritate the skin like other skin brightening agents and people with dry skin or scaly benefit from the topical application of Arbutin. 

  • Acne-prone skin  

Alpha Arbutin is extremely beneficial in fading acne scars and reducing the scope of future breakouts. It also improves the skin texture and smooths scarred skin. SkinInspired is a brand that tailors its products to your specific skin type. To get products made specifically for your skin needs, visit here.

How often should I apply Alpha Arbutin on my skin?

For optimal results, Alpha Arbutin must be applied twice a day. you can incorporate this ingredient in both the AM and PM skincare routines. But you must remember a few tips while adding Alpha Arbutin to your daily skincare routine:

  • Make sure you apply moisturizer or night cream along with this ingredient for better absorption and hydration. 
  • Make sure you cleanse your skin properly before using a product with Alpha Arbutin, regardless of the time of the day. 

What is the recommended concentration for optimal results?

Research has shown that Alpha Arbutin is efficient in performance as compared to other brightening agents such as Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid. Therefore, for optimal results, one must go for a consistent topical application for 2-3 months with a concentration of 1 to 2%. 

How can we incorporate Alpha Arbutin into our daily skincare routine?

For enhancing the benefits of Alpha Arbutin, you must pair this ingredient with other ingredients like Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and AHAs. Alpha Arbutin is found most commonly in moisturizers, serums, creams, masks, and toners. 

  • Serum 

If you are using a serum with Alpha Arbutin in it, make sure you cleanse your skin properly and then apply the serum. Post the application lock the goodness of serum using heavy moisturizers on your skin. Alpha arbutin serum targets specific skin issues like fading blemishes, acne scars and dark spots as serum are strenuous agent. 

  • Toner 

A toner with alpha arbutin is a great solution for skin brightening. Toner gets absorbed in the skin brilliantly as it is used after the cleansing of the skin. 

  • Moisturizers

AHA and Alpha Arbutin are a great combination in a moisturizer as the AHA helps in improving the absorption power of the alpha arbutin. This combination works best for winter moisturizers or dry skin-related moisturizers. 

Things to keep in mind while incorporating Alpha Arbutin into your daily skin routine

  • Even if Alpha Arbutin is safe for all skin types, it is highly recommended to conduct a patch test, especially for sensitive skin types. A patch test rules out the possibility of allergic reactions like itching, redness, or burning sensation of the skin. 
  • For optimal results, it is mandatory to keep the skin hydrated while adding Alpha Arbutin to your skincare routine. You must allow Arbutin-based serum or cream completely dry off before applying moisturizer. 
  • Alpha Arbutin makes the skin vulnerable to UV rays and sensitive to sun damage as it reduced melanin production which leaves your skin susceptible to sunburn. Therefore, it is crucial to add sunscreen to safeguard the skin from UV rays. 

Final takeaway

Alpha Arbutin is a miracle ingredient that is been increasingly suggested by dermatologists and skincare brands for skin brightening and reduction of pigmentations. But you must keep in mind that this ingredient will not provide permanent alteration to your skin. This safe ingredient decreases melanin production and hence one must never overuse any product which is Arbutin-based.

Alpha arbutin is one of the best skin-brightening and depigmenting agents. For more information on the best ingredients to incorporate into your skincare, visit our website